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DSP is set in Dindugal where Vascodagama (Vijay Sethupathi), the son of a successful flower shop owner, gets into a serious fight with the local rowdy Muttai Ravi. Please note that the villain is called Muttai, which means egg in English, because his family supplies eggs to that entire area and beyond. What happens when the two lock horns? Vascodagama is banished from his town and is not even able to attend his sister’s wedding because his family is scared he will be killed. To extract his revenge, Vascodagama joins the police force and returns as a DSP to nab Muttai Ravi.https://tamilbulb.com/


The storyline of this film is not new and the treatment is shoddy. For most of the first half, Vijay Sethupathi is a no-gooder who is behind Annapoorni (Anukeerthy Vyas) and suddenly he ends up being DSP. A far-fetched plot indeed. Vijay Sethupathi carries off all his roles very coolly, but in this movie, Vascodagama makes a mockery of the police force and his cop team is like a bunch of clowns. The director’s desire to introduce comedy through them doesn’t elicit laughs but is quite cringe-worthy. And some of the dialogues in the film are very amateurish as well.https://tamilblade.com/


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